Harrachov is a well-known ski resort town which is famous for its glassmaking and sporting tradition.  It lies in the picturesque valley of the River Mumlava in the westernmost part of the Krkonoše Mountains.  Harrachov is a welcoming host in summer to all those who would like an active holiday in the mountains.

We recommend visiting the sports museum, the glass museum, a tour of the glassworks, glass grinding, the glassworks in the brewery and shopping for handmade glass. Also, the newly opened tourist border crossing from Mýtiny into Poland is suitable for walking and cycling trips in the Polish part of the Jizera Mountains.


Outdoor tennis courts (clay) are located approximately 400m from Hotel POMI.  They are open from May to October (depending on the weather). The price 150 CZK/hr.


Čert (Devil) Mountain (open daily from 8am to 6pm) gives you beautiful views and is a convenient starting point for bike trips, gentle walks in the immediate vicinity and mountain hikes.  We recommend a tour of ski jump area, where the ski jump world championships are held.

Swimming in the pool

This is a public swimming pool which is 400 m from Hotel Pomi in Harrachov.  The complex includes minigolf.


A nine-hole course is located in the town of Harrachov. The advantage of this course is the limited (controlled) numbers of groups allowed on the course at any time.  The maximum number of groups on the course is 7, which ensures that each player has plenty of privacy and tranquillity during their game.  We are the only golf course in Krkonoše fitted with tees for the youngest golfers through our family golf project ‘Family Courses’.  This encourages children to play at the same level as their parents.

Downhill skiing and snowboarding

Harrachov offers downhill skiing for a few resorts and ski slopes. The longest run is 2200 m long.  In Harrachov you can use two chairlifts and 7 standard lifts. The ski slopes which are run by Sportovní Areál Harrachov a.s. are equipped with a modern snowmaking system which enables high-quality skiing up to 5 months of the year.


Riders control the speed of the bob themselves using the brake levers so they can choose a speed that is comfortable. The bobsleigh track can be used individually or in pairs with your children or friends. This attraction is designed for everyone from 2-100 years!

Monkey Park

This is a 273m long rope course with 14 obstacles. The Monkey Park is intended for the general public, including children above 140cm tall.  It is designed and conceived so that it can be completed by an untrained tourist or by a child over the specified height.  The Monkey Parks attraction relies on visitors gradually overcoming obstacles on ropes suspended between trees at a height of between 3 – 7 metres.  Between the obstacles, there are also special bases where you can rest and which can also help you overcome one obstacle after the other.

And many other summer activities …

Our hotel is only 150m far from chairlift to Certova mountain!